Our Class Overview

Beginner Aerial Silks

Saturdays 10:00am

Join us every Saturday morning for our beginners class. Perfect for those looking to build the fundamental skills needed for aerial silks. Recommended for students beginning their aerial journey or returning to it. Adults and ages 16 and up.

Drop in $15

Prepay $12

Aerial Silks Level 2

Saturdays  11:15am

Climbing and Footlocking in the air? Are you able to straddle invert in the air or close to it? Then join us for the next level. We will go beyond the basic climbs and introduce you to new poses and incorporate them into a flow or transition in each class.



Drop In $15 

Prepay $12

Aerial Tweens/Teens

Saturdays  9:00am

For ages 11-15. This class is intended for students who are serious about the circus arts. Great for crosstraining for gymnastics, building strength and gaining proficiency on the apparatus. 

Drop in $12

Prepay $10

Circus Arts Conditioning Class

Wednesdays 7:30pm

Strengthen your aerial and acro muscles with workouts designed specifically for those muscle groups. Workout in the air, with partners or on the ground with arm balances and more...

Drop in $15

Prepay $12

Aerial Open Floor

Fridays  7:30pm

Utilize this time to practice, play or learn on Aerial Silks, Aerial Sling, Lyra, Static Trapeze and more. There is no formal instruction just a free play with other aerialists. Adults and ages 13 and up (under 13 welcome with participating adult).

Drop in $12

Prepay $10

AcroYoga Class

Fridays 6:30pm

Learn to fly and base safely. Have fun exploring partner poses and flows while learning to trust, communicate and play together. No partner required for this class. Adults and ages 13 and up.

Drop in $12

Prepay $10

Aerial Kids

Fridays bi-weekly 6:30pm

Playful learning of the Aerial Arts while building strength, stamina and confidence. This class is geared to students ages 5-12 years old.

Drop in $12

Prepay $10

Aerial Lyra Class

 Saturdays 12:30pm


Sundays 6:30pm

Pose, Flow and Spin on the Aerial Lyra. All Levels welcome. Adults and ages 13 and up.

Drop in $17

Prepay $15

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